How Do You Decide Which Game System To Choose With So Many Choices?

With the new Play Station 3 you can still play all the old games and you can now watch Blue Ray disks on it as well. The only bad thing about the PS3 is that you cannot watch regular DVDs on it because it cannot read the disks. It is only made to read Blue Ray disks.

You can still get the PS2 if you are not going to like the PS3. I personally like the Xbox 360 way better then PS3. The PS3 is just an expensive toy that doesn't do nearly as much as the Xbox 360 can in my opinion. I have owned both systems over the last few years and I have always liked the Xbox the best but it is still a matter of personal preference.

You might as well get a PSP if you want to play games because with all the DVDS you probably own why would you buy a system that cannot play them? So go get either a regular Play Station 2 or an Xbox 360 and save some money.

You can get all kinds of accessories for your Play Station 2 to make it cool. All you need to do is go online and look for what type of things you like. You can get extra controllers or more games whatever it is that you like. Just go to a site like ours and look around at what they have to offer you never know you might find something that you like and that you want for your game system. I know they have a lot of things for the Xbox so I know they will have quite a few things for the Sony Play Station too.

Some of the games that you can get for children include MLB 07-The Show, Meet The Robinsons, and NBA Street. Adult oriented games include God of War, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and Medal of Honor.

Some other notable games include Socum U.S. Navy Seals, 300-March to Glory, Prince of Persia, and Rocky Balboa.

The gaming industry is one of the largest and fast growing industries on the planet and companies spend millions of dollars producing some of the most popular games such as Halo 3 for Xbox. You can rest assured that they will continue to do research and development to create better game systems and exciting and fun to play games. The games seem to be more real every year and I envision games in the near future that will be more like an interactive hologram that allows the player to actually seem to be in the game itself. I can't wait for that technology, I may even stand in line for that.


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